Feasibility studies • Basics Projects for Tenders and Permitting • Technical documents • Detail engineering • FEM Analysis • CFD Analysis • Technical documents for construction • Commissioning


Purchasing management • Technical Tabulation • Equipment supplying • Custom supplying • Supplier searching • Shipping supervision


Project timing • Project Management • Technical Human Resources Assistance • Supplier management • Construction supervision • PMO • Technical assistance in management

BrainOn Engineers – Engineering of the Future

In BrainON we are committed to maximum sustainability, quality and growth, both technical and personal. That is why our vision is clear:

 People: Being an ideal place to work where our employees feel inspired to give their best every day

Projects: Offer technical excellence in our teams so that we can be more competitive with each Project we carry out

Future: In BrainON we are committed to the future, so we use the latest tools available to our engineers to be disruptive to current methodologies

Commitment: Offer maximum commitment at a technical and personal level where our clients feel that each team member takes their Project as a challenge and personal goal