Residential and Industrial Buildings | Architecture and Civil Works

Given the appearance of new design and development tools and the growing innovation in the construction of almost zero consumption buildings, at BrainOn we carry out civil projects applying the latest tools and technologies available.
Currently, we use BIM tools that allow the design of the complete building, including installations, civil works, structure and electrical network, etc., so that we can predict any problem before construction and reduce risks. Our mantra is that the work becomes a “Lego”, optimizing the triple restriction of time, cost and scope.


  • Design of manufacturing facilities according product
  • Modelling of 3D model and facilities by BIM methodology
  • Definition of AC system
  • Definition of Fire Protection System according international and local codes
  • Design of sewage, wáter supply and stormwater systems


  • Design of conection power point for power line supply
  • Definition of transformation center and sectioning center
  • Low power system calculation
  • Develop of electrical diagrams
  • Permitting management with local authorities
  • Design of self-power generation system


  • Control room design for mainly facilities
  • Design of action protocols according operation needs


  • Foundation design according ground properties
  • Develop of geotechnical studies and topographic Works
  • Design of concrete structures, slabs and inner and outer walls
  • 3D Structure modelling
  • Architetural study and outer design according Customer specification


  • Manage of multi-skilled team during design and construction steps
  • Work planning, time and cost control
  • Human Resources management with technical skills
  • Technical Assistance for supplier searching on an international level
  • Business joint venture for international projects