Communication with our client is fundamental for us, so we will provide you with access to our Cloud platform from which we manage 100% of the project. You will be able to see the tasks in progress, problems, deadlines, documents and files uploaded, etc

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Our technical rigor allows us to have maximum transparency with our client.

Our team is able to carry out customized projects according to the needs of each client. We are committed to the combination of SCRUM methodology and traditional PMP so that all the advantages of each one can be obtained


The PMP methodology takes a classic approach to Project planning. This is an approach in which a given Scope, cost, and schedule are defined from the start of the Project.

This methodology is non-resilient and accepts few changes. It is governed by its triangulation Scope Cost Schedule in which a variation on one parameter influences the other 3

The advantage of this methodology is that it is known from the first moment how much will be and how much it will cost to achieve the Scope of a given Project.


The SCRUM methodology bases its approach on the development of all Projects in a VUCA environment (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) and are therefore time-changing.

The advantage of this methodology is that our customers know at all times the progress of their project, we make them participate in it and can manage the different changes in each iteration (SPRINT) so that the cost of errors is kept at a minimum value.


Both PMP and SCRUM have advantages and disadvantages according to the way they were designed. But what if we use all the strengths of each of the methodologies? Then it turns out the AGILE MANAGEMENT, or Agil way to manage Projects.

At BrainON we have made a tailored suit, adapting the strengths of each methodology to each Project and giving our Projects an Agile approach, in which the client is one more of the team.