Gallery and Open Pit Mining| hydro/piro metal Plants

Raw materials are necessary for the functioning and development of our planet. The extraction of the necessary elements to carry out the technological advances of our day to day does not deserve a different treatment. Mining is a millenary sector and at BrainOn we are working to implement new innovations in existing plants as well as in new projects.

At BrainOn, we have a team capable of developing Revamping projects in operating Plants, developing mining services for interior galleries and developing special installations, reducing execution times within the deadlines of Plant shutdowns and/or required by the client. In addition, we are able to design, manage and build any metallurgical plant that appears on the horizon.


  • Hydraulic Calculations in Process Lines for Leachate, Drainage Water, Fresh Water, Air, etc.
  • Isometric as Built according to mine configuration
  • 3D routing with point cloud layout
  • Stress calculations and support design in gallery and vertical perforations
  • Open-air and gallery fluid driving
  • Dimensioning of equipment, pumping systems, air extraction, etc.


  • Complete underground mine electrification
  • Power supply and feasibility plan in case of failure
  • Electrification of the lowest gallery levels for equipment and facilities
  • Full gallery and open sky lighting


  • Optimization of hydrocarbon supplies
  • Selection of valves specific to fluids with a low pH
  • Treatments in very high pressure systems
  • Mine ventilation, fluidmetric studies to optimize airflow


  • MEF calculations of pump blades and rotating equipment
  • Structural analysis and optimization of existing structures
  • Design of new structures adapting to existing geometries in Plant
  • Integrity facts about structures affected by a given event
  • Vibration studies on mine and leveling equipment


  • Developing control logic and operating modes
  • Synchronizing pumping stations
  • Supply sectioning plans in case of failure
  • Mobile station Integration with control room
  • Constant measurement of parameters


  • Manage of multi-skilled team during design and construction steps
  • Work planning, time and cost control
  • Human Resources management with technical skills
  • Technical Assistance for supplier searching on an international level
  • Business joint venture for international projects