Refining and Separation Processes| On/Off Shore Treatment Plants

We are present in the most important treatment and refining plants, providing solutions in accordance with the specific nature of the sector and being able to cover all kinds of engineering related to the process and the different equipment that make it up. Refining towers, Dehydration, Header, Oxidizers, Boilers, Fracking, Gas Spheres, Floating Roof Tanks, etc.

We analyze the entire piping network associated with the different systems to find the optimal routing path, we raise 3D point clouds to facilitate dismantling tasks and uninterrupted production during installation or modification of existing facilities. We integrate all the information collected and developed in a free 3D viewer that facilitates the development of layouts and gives a global vision of all the systems.


  • Hydraulic calculations in Process Lines and auxiliaries ensuring pressure and flow
  • Assembly Isometrics according to customer standards. Material Listings and RFQs
  • 3D routing with point cloud layout
    Stress calculations and supports according to customer standards or MEF study
  • Offshore submerged pipe calculation, Plant support and integration
  • Offshore platform pipe analisys


  • Complete electrification of Plant
  • Energy supply and feasibility plan in case of failure
  • Complete offshore electrification | Uninterrupted supply plan
  • MCC dimensioning, disconnectors and equipment supply
  • Monitoring and Assistance during FAT tests


  • Optimization of hydrocarbon refining and separation systems
  • Selection of valves specific to fluids with a low/high pH
  • High pressure treatments systems or vacuum works
  • Dimensioning of dehydration towers
  • Nozzle Location and ASME Integrity Analysis


  • MEF calculations of pump blades and rotating equipment
  • Structural analysis and optimization of existing structures
  • Design of new structures adapting to existing geometries in Plant
  • Integrity calculation on structures affected by a given event
  • Vibration studies on existing equipment and structures


  • Developing control logic and operating modes
  • Complete automation of existing processes
  • Independent process Integration with control rooms
  • Constant process monitoring
  • Continuous measurement of tower output gases
  • Automation of tanks and mobile equipment


  • Management of supplies of Equipment by sea or land transport
  • Management of suppliers and subcontractors involved in the development of Projects
  • Purchasing management for equipment, technical tabs and Specialized Assistance
  • Technical support for the development of Specific RFQs
  • Complete On-Site Supervision and As-Built Technical Assistancet