Water Industry

Desalination, Water Treatment and Purification| Containment and Hydraulic

Water is a fundamental resource and its reuse plays a key role in our engineering teams. That is why at BrainOn we assist and design all kinds of treatment plants, from complete desalination plants to large flow treatment plants. In addition, structural calculations of dams, gates and energy recovery in reservoirs and dams at international level.

Our teams carry out all the Projects from a basic conception of the idea to the final detailed and asbuilt engineering, accompanying the technical teams of our clients in the development of solutions that facilitate the construction and affect the minimum cost and time of the Project.


  • Hydraulic calculations sizing of high and low pressure lines

  • 3D line modeling. Isometrics and BOQ BOM

  • Stress analysis in Fiberglass and SuperDuplex pipes

  • Support lines and interference detection

  • Specific calculations in buried plastic pipe

  • Correction of routes according to basic settlements


  • Dimensioning and Turbine Selection
  • Design of power MCC to HPP and LP pumps
  • Calculation of transformation centers in a saline environment
  • MCC design for equipments and buildings
  • Electrification of Osmosis and Filtration Buildings


  • Load loss and over pressure on buried lines
  • Dimensioning of filtration and impulsion equipment
  • Technical tabulations of valves and instruments
  • Reengineering and reviewing process and instrumentation diagrams
  • Optimizing PFDs |optimal routing of pipes minimizing Ks
  • Calculation of minimum and maximum concentrations in calcite beds and product water


  • Calculations of indoor and outdoor pipe racks in saline environment
  • Dimensioning and calculation of crane bridges inside RO | UF Buildings
  • MEF design of GRP pipe axial supports
  • Specific support for superduplex lines with vitaulic connection
  • Calculation and basic settlements in intermediate tanks and product water
  • Dimensioning of catchment Building
  • Support for vertical centrifugal pumps


  • Developing control logic and operating modes

  • Constant measurement of osmosis output

  • Synchronization of self-cleaning filters

  • CIP dosages for UF and RO

  • Concentration control in calcite beds

  • Integrating independent elements with the room control


  • Purchasing Management | Technical Sheets for RFQ
  • Management of supplies of Equipment by sea or land transport
  • Supervision of Basic Engineering and Detail of Different Suppliers
  • Integration of all Project disciplines
  • Complete On-Site Supervision and As-Built Technical Assistance